Sony-Ericsson Phone Price List in the Philippines

These are the latest updated prices of Sony-Ericsson phone units being sold in Manila, Philippines as of June 2010. The items below were taken from Mega Exchange Store at the CyberZone, MegaMall in Mandaluyong City.

Sony-Ericsson C510 – Php8,600
Sony-Ericsson C901 – Php15,300
Sony-Ericsson C903 – Php11,200
Sony-Ericsson S312 – Php4,500
Sony-Ericsson W705 – Php13,000
Sony-Ericsson l001U – Php12,900
Sony-Ericsson W395 – Php6,200
Sony-Ericsson W595 – Php9,000
Sony-Ericsson J105 – Php5,900
Sony-Ericsson T715 – Php9,800
Sony-Ericsson T700 – Php8,800
Sony-Ericsson U1i SATi0 – Php28,000
Sony-Ericsson J10i – Php10,800
Sony-Ericsson W205 – Php4,000

The phones are prepaid and unlocked from any telco. Prices quoted are on a cash basis only.

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