Samsung Phone Price List in the Philippines

These are the latest updated prices of Samsung phone units being sold in Manila, Philippines as of June 2010. The items below were taken from Mega Exchange Store at the CyberZone, MegaMall in Mandaluyong City.

Samsung B3310 5,250
Samsung B2100 5,500
Samsung B3210 6,300
Samsung B3410 7,400
Samsung B7320 11,600
Samsung B5310 11,600
Samsung B5722 9,700
Samsung B7330 13,750
Samsung B7610 20,000
Samsung B3410w – Php8,400
Samsung S5233 – Php7,800
Samsung S5233 wifi – Php8,100
Samsung S5233 TV – Php9,200
Samsung S3653 – Php6,500
Samsung S3653W – Php7,600
Samsung S5560 – Php12,000
Samsung S5620 – Php11,000
Samsung S5603 – Php8,100
Samsung S8003 – Php14,800
Samsung B7300 – Php13,200

The phones are prepaid and unlocked from any telco. Prices quoted are on a cash basis only.

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