Price List of Torque Phones

These are the updated price list of phones from Torque Mobile Philippines. Last updated from Torque Philippines in August 2010 from Torque Stores in the malls.

Torque Price List in the Philippines
Torque E35 – Php999
Torque E55 – Php999
Torque A75 – Php1090
Torque E110 – Php1249
Torque A100 – Php1149
Torque C90 – Php1799
Torque D51 – Php1699
Torque D77 – Php1999
Torque D88 – Php2499
Torque DQ100 – Php2699
Torque DL85 – Php2999
Torque D95 – Php2999
Torque DTV35 – Php2999
Torque D110 – Php2999
Torque DQ300 – Php3699
Torque F1 METAL – Php3299
Torque D220 TOUCH – Php3799
Torque DQ510 SLIM – Php3999
Torque DQ600 TV – Php3999
Torque R1 METAL – Php4299
Torque DTV 90 – Php4699
Torque DQ700 TV – Php4699
Torque DQ900 TV + WiFi – Php5899

One thought on “Price List of Torque Phones

  1. joel

    i purchased slim phone and its not quite userfriendly but its interesting! the usb portal is located at the side and its covered by a rubber only…plus, can i make a playlist on the mp3???


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