Price List of My Phone Handsets

Below is a complete list of all My Phone Philippines being sold in the Metro Manila including their respective suggested retail prices. These prices are based on the ones provided by My Phone Philippines on August 2010. Prices are subject to change.

My Phone B12 – Php1390
My Phone B21 SINGLE – Php1990
My Phone B71 DUO – Php1990
My Phone B21 CORY — Php2690
My Phone TV81 – Php2990
My Phone MS28 DUO – Php3490
My Phone MS28 CORY – Php3590
My Phone B26 DUO – Php4390
My Phone Q22 DUO NEW MOON – Php4690
My Phone B26 DUO NEW MOON – Php4690
My Phone Q21 DUO – Php4850
My Phone TV22 DUO – Php4990
My Phone QTV22 DUO – Php4990
My Phone TV77 DUO – Php5550
My Phone QV27 – Php5990
My Phone TV21 DUO – Php7500

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